Hall of Fame

Welcome to the inception of the World Sports League Hall of Fame page!

2015 will be the Inaugural year. There will be 6 Categories where individuals can be honored for.

Players Male/Female: Players of any level who have excelled in WSL

Manager’s: Manager’s of any level who have excelled in WSL

Sponsors: Sponsors who have gone above and beyond with dedication to WSL.

Directors: Local, Regional, National Directors who have excelled with WSL

Umpires: Local, Regional, National Level Umpires who have excelled with WSL

Special Service: Must have assisted with the development and/or have contributed to WSL outside the lines of the game itself.


A candidate for the Hall of Fame must submit an official, signed nomination form in writing to the Hall of Fame Committee for proper consideration to be given. Applications must be submitted by August 1st . New Hall of Fame Inductees will be announced at the Hall of Fame Dinner, at the WSL World Championships each year in PCB , FL. A Hall of Fame nominee does not have to be retired to be nominated or elected. However, all nominees must be at least 35 years of age or more. A nominee in all categories must have completed a minimum of ten years activity in the specific category for which he or she is being nominated.

2016 Inductee’s:

Male Player: Dal Beggs

Manager: Ann Humble

Manager: Gary Jost

Manager: Ted Carter 

2015 Inductee’s:

Male Player: Rusty Bumgardner

Sponsor: Joseph “Doc” Agostinelli

Umpire: James Woods

Special Service: John Daniels (Founder of WSL)